Melissa is the co-founder of SFiCA. A hybridization of CCA and SFAI, SFiCA’s mission is to pool resources and provide as mazny opportunities for dialogue, exhibition, and participation as possible to the graduate students of California College of the Arts and the San Francisco Art Institute. A natural and necessary coupling of thinkers, SFiCA’s programs foster a culture of collaboration between the graduate programs of CCA and SFAI and situate artists, curators, designers and writers within the larger Bay Area arts community. Melissa co-curated Hybrid and Glitch for SFiCA. 


The Pasta Bowl

The Pasta Bowl was a multi-disciplinary and collaborative experiment, centered around a potluck style shared meal and conversation. Artists hosted smaller, satellite conversations and activities throughout the afternoon. Situated within SFiCA's BREAKOUT exhibition, Generation, The Pasta Bowl continued the conversation of the relationships between the artist studio, the gallery and the public. The Pasta Bowl sought to imitate larger art and exhibition programming in the Bay Area and its continued interest in participation and interaction.


That Didn't Work

That Didn't Work: A Salon des Refusés, presented with doubleBread, questions what it means to make failed work about failure. An opportunity for artists not selected to participate in Southern Exposure's 2014 juried show, This Will Never Work, That Didn't Work showcases the works which in fact "did not work."