Make Time For You

Make Time for You is a performance that lasted an hour and ten minutes in which a 3.5-gallon feeding bucket was filled with chocolate syrup and suspended from the rafters of an old adobe warehouse. A hole was drilled in the bottom of the bucket and once un-corked the chocolate dripped into my mouth as I lay beneath it. The syrup overflowed and puddled around my head, dripping through the boards of the table and onto the ground. From a distance the chocolate looked like blood creating a horror-film inspired scene in the old building. The room was also filled with the sweet smell of chocolate, however, and a complex narrative of desire, indulgence, hysteria, and submission was created.


Hershey's Art History

In this collection of work I have used chocolate make feminine interventions in art history, bringing the firm, cool, minimalist sculptures and paintings closer to the viewer’s body.  In some cases I have reinterpreted familiar works, while other pieces simply recall the aesthetic or process of the artists they reference. The compositions do not only speak to art history’s fathers, but also extend from the mother’s of the Feminist art tradition. The use of chocolate has many references ranging from abjection and bodily excretion (because of chocolate’s materiality) to sensuality and desire (associated with its taste and smell). In popular culture chocolate is connected to sexuality because it is a known aphrodisiac, but also refers to female hysteria and its contemporary depictions related to emotional eating and over indulgence.